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    Do you remember what makes you, you?

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ME | MORY (in progress)

What makes you, you?
Do you remember? Are you sure?

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Dynamic stories weaved by players' experience, engraved in the past to clarvoir the future.

At Eldriss Studios we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of gaming and creating unique experiences for players. As a pioneering indie game studio, we specialize in metagaming and believe that our actions and experiences within a game can shape and define us. Our focus is on developing collaborative, community-driven fiction that allows players to continue the game beyond the screen.

We believe that players should be able to write their own history and shape their own destinies within the game world. We are dedicated to weaving dynamic stories that are shaped by player experiences and engraved into the virtual history of the game.

Our aim is to bring players together to create a shared narrative and shape the future of gaming. Join us on our mission to create immersive and thought-provoking games that challenge the conventional norms of the industry. Together, we can shape the future of gaming and define our own history.

Handcrafted stories

Everyone is a story. Characters are the heart of storytelling. We tailor stories that are born from each one’s journey threads.

Community forged

Every players’ ride leaves history behind. Those experiences should be remembered, cherished and embedded in each game’s chronicles.

Agency and control

The medium is the message. Games are about interaction. They are supposed to be lived. A game and its story and experience is intentional and wouldn’t exist without players.

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